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Hey, I’m Alan Thorp.me

Welcome to TheZupr- home of Internet Marketing hacks, evergreen earning strategies, local marketing domination and epic tutorials for the products needed to scale your online business.

I’m 28 and currently living in Vancouver, Canada but am originally from Dublin, Ireland. I have been living here for the past 2 years and in that timeframe have really ramped up my efforts to make a full time living from my online business.

TheZupr will be my hub online and the only place where I share exactly how I’m currently making money. My main goal is to help as many of you as I can to build a business online that allows you to quit your day job and live the life of your dreams.

My Story

So I won’t bore you with all the details of my life 🙂 but what I will do is give you a quick rundown of how I ended up sitting here at my desk in beautiful Vancouver Canada writing this about page.

I’ll start by going back about 5 years ago to 2008. Living in Ireland in 2008 was not a pretty thing. During this time unemployment was at an all-time high and I just happened to be one of the many casualties of the recession.

Like so many other people worldwide I lost my job in one of the worse hit industries- Construction.

I was an Apprentice Electrician at the time and working in Dublin. I was going into my third year at this point and did have a career in construction ahead of me, well that’s what I thought.

Like I mentioned above during 2008 there was many people that had their lives turned upside down and although I was young and had plenty of time to figure out what I needed to do, I did see firsthand how unemployment affected people and the terrible situation in left people in.

Once I lost my job I spent the next 2 years doing every type of job you can imagine. There was no real choice when deciding what job to do next. It came down to if there was a day’s work to be done I was going to do it.

Here is a sample of some of the jobs I have done in the past:

  • Barman
  • Landscape Gardener
  • Telesales
  • Door to Door sales
  • Delivery Driver
  • Plumber
  • Painter
  • Greens keeper

And the list goes on 🙂 .

Honestly I’ve probably had more jobs than most people will have in their lives. While I have nothing against any of these jobs I do know one thing, they aren’t for me.

I have always wanted to be part of something much bigger!

Trading 40hrs per week for a check every Friday has never felt right to me.

If you are somebody that’s happy with your 9-5, honestly I’m delighted for you and wish you all the best.

But what I want is to be part of a movement, something that can shake up the average person’s life and set them on course for success!

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While working away at my 9-5 or those times when sitting at home without a job, I always thought to myself that there has to be something out there for me to do. Something that I could love doing on a daily basis and provide me with the life I’ve always dreamed of.

Of course once you get that feeling it’s almost impossible to shake it off.

Around this time is when I started digging around online trying to find ways of earning money from home. I was never really around many people that worked from home growing up so honestly didn’t know much about it or were to even start.

I do remember knowing it was possible from a very young age though. I remember my uncle who as far as I knew at the time sold socks, lived a in a huge house and always had money. I always thought that if this is how you end up living in a big house I will someday work for myself (maybe selling socks :)). As it happens he was involved in property and to this day I still can’t remember who told me about the socks, some older cousin no doubt.

Once you have done as many jobs as myself and never really enjoyed any of them you wouldn’t be human if you never thought about doing something else with your life. The one thing I have noticed about myself and I think it’s a result of working so many different jobs is I’m certainly not afraid to try new things. This has worked to my advantage when it comes to Online Marketing as I’m not afraid to get stuck into any part of the business and give it a go.

After searching online I eventually stumbled across Internet Marketing and thought, I’ll figure out how to make lots of money online and that’s what I’ll do for the rest of my life.make money

Now while that is the ultimate goal as we all know it’s never that straight forward. Working online is a constant battle to stay ahead of your competitors, continue your development as an online marketer, provide value for your audience and of course make money.

Although it’s a battle it’s one that I love

The Yo-Yo start to my Internet Marketing career

About a month after I heard about Internet Marketing I came across this magical method for earning money online called AdSense.

Within the week I ended starting a small AdSense website in the health niche. I wasn’t even aware of WordPress at this point so I started a Blogger site.

I put up some content and drove traffic to the site by commenting on relevant forms. I think that site made a grand total of about 6$ the first couple of months it was live.

Not exactly set to quit my job at that point 🙂 but what I did realize was this whole making money online thing was a potential career path for me.

My Move Across The Pond

At this point in my life myself and my girlfriend were toying with the idea of moving from Ireland and spending a few years away from home.

We both wanted a new experience and after doing some research we decided we would move to Vancouver and try (try ha it’s actually very easy to enjoy my life out here) enjoying life of the west coast of Canada for a few years.face plane

After deciding to move to Canada with my girlfriend I spent the next 8 months working in a bank in Ireland trying to get enough money together to make the move and set up a nice life for ourselves in Vancouver.

I can’t put my finger on exactly why but I did stop what I was trying to do online for about 8 months (that 6 bucks must have went to my head 🙂 ). It could have been the lack of time I had or the move to a new country or this or that, the reality is I lost focus, no excuses I just didn’t do what I should be doing.

That last part of that sentence is very important and is a huge reason why so many people end up spinning their wheels and going nowhere when trying to make money online.

I didn’t do what I should be doing because the reality was I wasn’t sure exactly what it is that I should be doing.

With all the noise online it is so easy to get distracted by new opportunities. The truth is that if you find an authority in your niche and follow exactly what they are doing and then throw in some of your own personality the sky is the limit.

Be careful who you do choose to follow because there is an endless amount of dated and just plain shit strategies online for you to spend your precious time consuming. More often than not by the time you get your head around one of these methods as sure as eggs are eggs that way of making money is dead and gone forever.

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There is also those opportunities that are cleverly marketed to us and leave us with nothing to show for our efforts and 6 months older than when we started.

This all causes massive frustration and I’ve experienced this on more than one occasion. That’s one of the main reasons why I started this site. To cut through the shit and tell it the way it is.

If you want to make money online the truth is it takes a deep desire and dedication to make it happen. But that’s not all it takes. It takes the right strategies and an understanding why you are doing what you’re doing.

Often when you don’t understand all the moving parts to a strategy you are either copying from a so called “guru” or developing yourself it prevents you from getting anything done at all. Call it information overload or analysis paralysis whatever you like but the truth is we all get stuck when trying to achieve a goal and without the right people to turn to for advice we just stop dead in our tracks.

Since moving to Canada my life has become a lot more settled. I have now decided exactly how I want to move forward with my online business.

I picked the people I want to follow and now come up with a business model that I think can provide me with the biggest ROI in the long run.

When I say return on investment I mean the whole package!

I want a business that I am in love with as well as one that can provide me with the life of my dreams. I want to wake up every morning with a smile on my face knowing that I am helping thousands of people live the life of their dreams.

Let’s sprint towards are goals and pass them by with more energy left then when we even started the marathon.

To me that’s success!

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Enter Affiliate Marketing & Launchjacking

I had always known about affiliate marketing and heard all the stories about huge monthly commission checks. Lured by the potential big paydays I figured this is the route I needed to take.

Now Affiliate Marketing is simply promoting other peoples products and making a commission when you make a sale through your Affiliate link. Commissions range across different products and niches but as the affiliate you do have the choice of how you are going to drive traffic to your affiliate link.

I wanted lots of free traffic so the best route for me to go was SEO but I also wanted to be able to rank on page 1 relatively easy for my keywords.seo

Finding a niche without competition online these days is a pretty rare thing. Ranking within nearly every niche is of course possible but some will take a lot longer than others.

I had also read quite a bit about Launch Jacking over at BTF were I am a member. If I was going to make some nice cash and fast I needed to level the playing field when it came to ranking on page 1 for my money Keywords. My thinking was that by going after upcoming product launches I would be cutting out the competitors that had a massive head start in ranking for specific terms and keywords.

When doing Launch jacking campaigns the competition would always be starting in and around the same time as myself. By eliminating the folks who have been trying to rank for keywords for months if not years I was giving myself more of a chance of success.

Turns out that I was right to make the decision to go with Launch Jacking. While it hasn’t been easy and there has been some misses, I still have made some pretty good returns from the launches I have done.

I have Launch Jacked products using SEO as my strategy and have had multiple 4 figure campaigns as a result of my efforts, it’s certainly a long way from that 6$ I told you about earlier.

I have used Niche sites, press releases, high PR web 2 properties and video as a way of forcing my way up the rankings and into position 1 for that moment when the cart is opened.

I would highly recommend Launch jacking to anybody getting started in Internet Marketing. It is a fantastic way of testing your SEO skills and making money at the same time. For me I wanted to know if everything I was learning was truly sinking in. I decided that by going up against other Internet Marketers I could see what level I was at. I’ve ranked number 1 for some big launches and beaten off plenty of competition in the process.

I will continue to rank for launches because I know how. I’ve tested what works and now have my process down to a tee. Of course, I do have to evolve my process as time goes on and Google changes but for the most part I have my process down.

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You might have found me while searching for a recently released product and if you did, do let me know.

I would love to hear from you.

My Personal Mission & Goal for TheZupr.com

We all have to have a mission in life and a compelling future to look forward to. We must have something in our lives that keeps us up late at night and wakes us up early in the mornings.

My mission is to bring you a landslide of value by sharing what is currently working when it comes making money online.

All my content will be produced with the aim of solving specific problems. I want to keep you moving forward towards your goals at a relentless pace and the best way for me to do that is by solving issues that arise on a daily basis when trying to make money online.

I aim to leave my day job by the end of 2015 and spend the rest of my life working in an industry I have grown to love- Internet Marketing.

My goal is to give you the necessary tools and skills needed to succeed all under 1 roof- TheZupr.com.goal

I am aiming to build a community of Internet Marketers of all skill levels (unfortunately I don’t know it all so I need your help) that can inspire each other to greatness!

We all want greatness so let’s do it together.

If greatness sounds like something you are after (I’m pretty sure it is) pop your email below and let’s achieve it together….

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Moving forward and into 2015

I am moving away from ranking small niche sites that are only going to last a few months. I’ve had a shift in mindset and realize that if I want to make a full time living from my SEO skills and work I do online that I must think long term.

I am currently working on building a local SEO agency and definitely putting more of my time and focus into local marketing as a whole. Doing local online marketing can be extremely rewarding and open many doors for you.

Spoiler* Most of those doors do have lots of $$$ signs behind them 🙂

Whether it be ranking client sites, YouTube videos or local lead generation there is still a huge shortage of people will the skills required to perform these tasks. A shortage in skilled workers generally means higher earning potential which is music to my ears.

Along with the potential for some huge earnings I also do feel I have a hell of a lot to give when it comes to ranking local based businesses.

When I see the top 10 results in Google for local service based industry searches I can see exactly were the earning potential is. I can see massive gaps in the market that I can take advantage of and build a nice client base all at the same time.

I plan to take full advantage of this in 2015 &  2016.

Wrapping it all up

Well that’s my brain dump for the day. I’ve given you a little look at my life and were I’m at with my business at this point.

I don’t claim to know everything and am certainly not some guru of online marketing!

What you will get with me is an honesty and a no bullshit approach to Online Marketing.

I’ll share what I do and help you to implement it into your online business.

I figure that if I’m sharing what I am learning it can only help me to move forward so really  it’s a win win situation for all involved.

I feel at this point I have enough stored in this head of mine to help somebody achieve their dreams. If one or two people ended up achieving their dreams as a result of this site I would die a happy man, if thousands of people ended up achieving their dreams well you can kill me now :).

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