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Turn Your Podcasts Into $$$ Using This Simple Audio Player

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Today I want to introduce you to something that can help you increase your brand visibility and viral potential. Before you ask, No it isn’t a retweet by Gary Vaynerchuk on twitter 🙂 it’s a little audio player that comes with the podcasting software Audello.

If you are serious about podcasting and building a booming brand around your podcast, then in my honest opinion, you should definitely take a deeper look at the podcasting software Audello. But like I said I want to cover the audio player you get with the software in today’s post.

Time To Pimp Your Audio Content

I want to really focus in on the Audio player that you will be able to embed on your site because I saw massive potential when I was thinking about it the other day. Now having an Audio player installed on your site makes perfect sense if you are producing podcasts and have existing traffic coming to your site.

There is no reason why you wouldn’t want to have a really nice looking audio player that your visitors can interact with, at the end of the day you want to be engaging your audience as often as possible.By having your podcasts embedded on your site you are sure to increase the chances of your visitors listening and engaging with your content.

There is tools available that will let you embed podcasts on your site, but none quite like the one that will be available to you at the end of the month (28th Oct to be exact).

With this new audio player that comes as part of the Audello software you will transform the way your podcast is interacted with on your site.

Gone are the days when you just had a player that streamed your content like a good little audio player should:). These days are long gone and thank god there gone because you were losing a serious chance to engage with your audience on a higher level than you are today.

Stop and think for a second about the amount of times your podcast has been played on your site and after the visitor is finished with your audio they just click to the next piece of content (if you’re lucky) or just leave your site (way more likely).

You are losing a massive chance to engage your audience further and build a deeper connection with them at this point. The whole point of you putting out podcasts is surely to create value in the world and build your brand. So continue creating that value like you are currently doing but let’s do ourselves a favor and start maximizing results in terms of subscribers, leads and sales.

With that said, wouldn’t it be nice to have a piece of software that could provide you with a way of capitalizing on this moment. That moment when someone hits play on your podcast.

Now you can not only capitalize on the moment, you pick the point at which you think you have the best chance of capitalizing on the moment.

Just like a creepy Shia Labeouf  says Magic!magic shia labeouf

The Key features Of The Player

Let me ask you a question (although I do already know the answer).

How would you like to increase your brand reach, build your email list, make more sales and create viral sharing of your podcast?

I know stupid question, I already know the answer is yes…

Well now you can do all of the above and more by using the beautiful audio player that comes with Audello.

With this audio player you now have the ability to add email optin forms, strategic call to actions, buy buttons and even passwords to your content!

The ability to add components like these to your audio player is game changing!

There is an endless amount of ways you can implement these features and blend them seamlessly into your audio content. None of these features can have a negative impact on your brand if you are careful and only add them to create a better user experience.

List building is key

I would recommend that you make list building your top priority when using the player. Your list will truly define how big your brand can grow over the next few years so be clever about it and start building that list now. The great thing about having existing listeners to your podcast is that if you can convert these people into email subscribers they have a proven track record for turning from listener to subscriber to customer.

You now have another way of getting those listeners onto your email list, honestly folks even if you didn’t use Audello’s other features this is worth the investment alone.

Just think of this audio player as Leadplayer but for audio content (Leadplayer was software created by the guys from Leadpages, it is no longer sold but it essentially does what I mentioned above but for video).

Password possibilities

I also told you about the ability to add passwords to your player which is a feature I definitely think is worth mentioning again. I’m thinking about the ways you could potentially use passwords during your content. Imagine while recording your podcast you run those extra 5-10mins longer than you usually would and record an exclusive piece of content for your subscribers (exclusive content with major value attached might I add:)). Then when using your player you password protect the last few minutes and state that this exclusive content is only for subscribers to your email list. This could be a great way to encourage people to sign up to your list. I would signup if I thought I was missing exclusive value and all it took was my email.

The possibilities for using this feature are endless. I think we will see and hear lots of cool examples of this being used over the coming months.

If you can think of great ways to use the password feature on the player definitely pop them in the comments below, I’d love to hear what you have come up with.

Viral Potential

I’ve talked about the various ways you can essentially pimp your sites audio player but I didn’t cover the one other pretty cool feature.

That other feature is a Facebook commenting.

With the help of Audello and their audio player you can now add a commenting system to your player and drastically increase the potential for your content to go viral. All you need to know is that you can add this to all of your existing audio by using the player and create epic discussions which will be popping up in peoples news feeds from Vancouver (where I live) to Dublin (where I’m from 🙂 ).

Your visitors to your site will no longer see your player then click play and sit there and listen for the next 30 minutes, they will now be able to actively engage in a proper conversation all linked through their Facebook accounts.

Creating the best sounding podcast on ITunes

After I read over my post I realized that while there is plenty of you with successful podcasts on iTunes and can start using the audio player now, there is more than likely more people just starting out with podcasting.

When you figure out exactly what you are going to podcast about and are finished recording some launch episodes, your next step will be to make your podcast sound as professional as possible. I hate listening to podcasts that sound awful and anyway there is no reason why your podcasts should sound terrible in this day and age.

I had a look around and found a pretty cool site that does everything you need to have your podcast sounding like it should when you launch. The site is and you should be able to find everything you need there.

You can find untapped talent to do voice overs introducing your podcast as well as musicians that will create intros and outros for your show. Every show I listen too is produced to perfection and at this point a well thought out intro and outro is the industry standard when podcasting. I hope the site can help you get your podcast sounding the way you want and move you closer to your goals.

Here is a sample of the type of work you can have done for you…

Pretty Slick!

I found the other day when doing a few searches and I also noticed Pat Flynn tweeting about it today, so if he’s talking about it you can pretty much guarantee he has either had a good experience with them recently or been told how good they are to work with by one of his audience.


One more thing

Just before you leave I would love if you could drop me a comment and tell me what you think about the power of this audio player.

Can you see yourself using this software?

How will you implement this into your business?

Please leave me a response to these questions and anything else that is on your mind.




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