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You are here for a complete review of the just launched software by Josh Bartlett “Audello”. I am updating this page as I find out more about the product and will be adding a complete walkthrough as soon as I get my hands on a review copy.

If you arrive before launch be sure to pop your email into any form on the site and I’ll make sure you get an email as soon as the product is launched and is available for you to get.

There is a huge buzz building around this product. The software is set to help the thousands of podcasters that exist build their businesses and following like no other software currently on the market.

My main aim with this Audello review is to leave no question unanswered and put you in the know before you make a decision to purchase or not.


If you go through the review and for whatever reason decide the product is not right for your business today I’m still going to try and give you proper value before you leave.

I will try my best to put together a combination of tools that you could possibly use to try and replicate results you can achieve with Audello. As of now I’m not entirely sure it’s possible but I’ll do some digging and if I can find some software that could  help you folks out, I’ll be sure to add them to the post below.


Now that’s out of the way onto the review


In this Audello review you will learn:


– Who created the software

– Exactly how hot the podcasting industry is and why you need to get in today

– How Audello can help you build your business starting from now

– The 15 key tasks Audello performs so you can maximize your ROI

– Which alternative software you can use for recording and publishing podcasts (free & paid)



Who is the man behind this product?

While not everyone is interested in who created the software, for me it’s a very important point often overlooked before a purchase is made online.

What would you prefer, buying something from a person you knew a bit about or buying something without even knowing the name of the person behind the product?

I always want to know who the creator is and what they have done in the past. It is good to know for many reasons and more often than not is a great indicator of the quality of product you are about to buy.

The creator of this software is very well-known online and has been behind the launch of numerous successful products in the past.

His name is Josh Bartlett.Josh-Bartlett

Josh was born in the UK and now lives in New Zealand. Josh is known for his extreme quality when it comes to software products and has always provided exceptional customer support for each product he has released.

He is the man behind the industry shakers like Easy Video Player and Easy Video Suite, many of you will be familiar with these products and might very well be existing customers.

If you happen to be a customer with Josh I know without asking you are happy with your previous purchases. And if you have never come into contact with Josh you will know by looking at his previous products that he is both, someone who can be trusted and someone who understands each market before he enters with a new product. Josh is a marketer who builds products with marketer’s top of mind.

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Why podcasting is red hot and why you need to get in today

Podcasting over the last year has exploded. It has become bigger than many people anticipated and a hell of a lot quicker too. It has become a huge marketing channel for many of the biggest brands in the world. While many big brands have got in on the action and are spreading, reinforcing and promoting their brand message through the use of podcasts every day, there is still huge profits for any entrepreneur interested in starting a podcast.

Podcasting has become such a strong marketing channel as a result of the smartphone and especially the IPhone. Since the beginning of podcasting there has always been an audience but now with the many ways the podcast can be consumed in today’s society, it really is the perfect brand building machine.

It doesn’t matter if you are on your tablet device, smartphone, iPod, laptop or your desktop. Once we have an internet connection, we can all now effortlessly consume hours of podcast content on a daily basis.


Podcasting is Heating Up!

With the amount of hours people are spending listening to podcasts it means that there is an endless number of companies lining up to sponsor your podcast. Having sponsored podcasts is the main way the big earners make their income from podcasting. There is plenty of people earning massive 5 figure cheques from their sponsors every month. And along with the sponsorship income, people like John Lee Dumas, Joe Polish, Pat Flynn and Lewis Howes amongst many others are building 7 figure businesses with podcasting being at the heart of everything they do within that business.

Here Is a short video demonstrating the power that is podcasting…


Just to let you guys know, John Lee Dumas is currently earning 6 figures a month! Pretty amazing!

If you are not podcasting by now, in all honesty, the next best time to start is tomorrow. There will never be a better time to start a podcast, and building a loyal following of thousands of fans will be the end result if you provide real value within your podcast.


How Audello can help you build your business and brand

Now once you have a podcast and are accepted into ITunes you obviously will want to see tons of downloads and 5 star reviews coming your way. While this new software does plenty to help you achieve these results, in order to to see the 5 star reviews add up you will have to produce amazing content, this will never be done by any software so roll up your sleeves, stop the moaning and get stuck into your work.

Audello software is broken down into two key areas-

It can perform as a sleek audio player for any serious Internet Marketer or a system to manage every aspect of podcasting from start to finish.


15 Reasons Audello Is Essential For Any Serious Podcaster: 

  • You now have in dept tracking of your audio and podcasts. This tracking includes heat maps so you can see exactly where engagement is at its highest. You also have the ability to see the device your listeners are using.
  • Now you can schedule podcasts and also queue podcasts up to go live on the date of your choice.
  • Publish on every platform that accepts podcasts with a few clicks of the mouse. Gone is the pain of using individual programs to get the job done.
  • Import all of your existing content from platforms like Libsyn and track all of those podcasts once they have finished importing.
  • Add events to your audio players by configuring timed call to actions, opt in forms, password protection, buy buttons. There is also support for numerous other CTA’S.
  • Configure audio bars for your site with specific CTA’S and even support bars that accept audio messages from your website visitors.
  • With every audio player you have the ability to add a commenting system that links directly with Facebook. This as you can imagine is key for insane viral sharing.
  • When you happen to be at an important event or have a major light bulb moment, now you can take out your phone, hit record and once finished publish live to your website. Your audio is now ready and in perfect format for playback on any device.
  • When using the desktop app you can add any audio file and with a few clicks convert and upload it to your hosting provider. Just before you upload you can also add thumbnail images or assign to certain playlists.
  • Use the Audello desktop app to record Skype calls and also convert and upload these files with ease.
  • Split testing is vital if you want to get to the bottom of both your successes and failures. Now you can split test a wide range of CTA’s so you can get the best results going forward with your podcast.
  • Track every aspect of your audio collection in greater detail than any other software on today’s market.
  • Pick from a huge collection of responsive audio players. All of the players come with easy to set up comments, social sharing, chapters and more.
  • Create mini audio sales pages with crazy conversion rates in minutes.
  • Use specific CTA’S to build your list on autopilot and generate sales like never before. All done with ease through the desktop app.


These are a few key features of the software and it’s important to also add all of these features work seamlessly across both MAC and PC.


There is no doubt in my mind that this software is right for every person online who cares about building a business with podcasting at the heart it.

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In summary Audello can:

  • Help you build a huge following of raving fans across your platform of choice
  • Automate list building for your business
  • Provide you with the ability to earn massive monthly income cheques

This software makes building a community, building a list and building an impressive bank balance easier than ever before.


Alternative Podcasting Software Options

I mentioned at the start of this article I would try to find alternative software that you could use to achieve the same results as you can expect from Audello. Buying this product today is a decision only you can make, but after doing some research and finding out what software all the big boys are using to publish and optimize their podcasts I have not found anything that comes close to the power of this product.



If you want to start a podcast you can still do that for a relatively small investment but if it’s specific call to actions, beautiful audio players for your site and basically any other advanced form of tracking and testing I noted above you are going to find it very difficult.

I didn’t find anything I can recommend but if you know of a software with the same power please pop it in the comments below for other people to check out.

If you still want to go ahead without all the bells and whistles there are a couple of free and low cost options for you to consider.

If you are doing an interview based show you can use Skype for your calls. Once you are on a Skype call you can record by either using eCamm Call Recorder (MAC) or Pamela (PC). These both come with a free trial and can record both audio and video.

Once you have your recording you can add it to Audacity (PC) or GarageBand (MAC) which are both free pieces of software that can get the job done when it comes to publishing your podcast.

If on the other hand you would like to spend some money on software then Adobe Audition is a great choice when starting out. This software gives you additional options and the chance to really improve your audio if paired with a solid mixer. It might not make a difference to you but you can also record directly in this software when using Skype, but it does come with a recurring monthly cost of $19.99.

These options are great for beginning your podcast career but if you want to start building a loyal following and a proper business then I can’t say enough good things about Audello.


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