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So you have decided to get serious about SEO and now you are thinking to yourself where the hell am I going to get all the content for my link building campaigns. Well lucky for you and for me that problem has now been solved.

The Answer SEO Content Machine!

What You Will Learn

  • What SCM IS
  • How I use SCM to generate boat loads of 100% unique content for my Web 2 Network
  • What you shouldn't expect to do with content created using SCM
  • The tools & services integrated within SCM
  • How you can use SCM content for massive link building campaigns
  • How to generate endless amounts of unique articles for GSA & other link building tools
  • Why it is better than Kontent Machine or any other content creator software

What Is SEO Content Machine?

Simply put SCM is the god of content creators.

With SEO Content Machine I have more than enough content to keep every piece of software I run fully stocked with fresh 100% unique articles. SCM is the content creator that every serious seo should have in their corner.

The software really is a Swiss army knife when it comes to content so even if you are currently a subscriber to something like Article Builder having a tool like SCM will still be worth it.

Before we go into detail about how to use the software and get the most out of it I’ll assume that you know what spinning articles is all about and that in order to get the most out of a piece of software like this that you will need to have a subscription to an article spinning service.

There is a free spinner that comes with the software but it isn’t the best spinner out there. I’d recommend Spinrewriter to anybody looking for a spinner. It’s the best spinner I’ve ever used and that includes the likes of Word AI Turing spinner.

Anyway this is not about finding the best spinning service (that will be coming soon) but just wanted to give you guys the heads up anyway.

SCM Tutorial [Complete Overview Of all The Features Inside]

Generating Content For Your Web 2 Network

In my opinion the next best thing to having a PBN that you can use to build links to your money sites is owning a massive amount of Web 2 networks that you can use for your link building campaigns.

If you plan on building out your Web 2 network you really only have 3 choices.

1. Write all the content yourself. Never gonna happen.

2. Pay somebody to write the content for you. Never gonna happen.

3. Use a content creator like SEO Content machine. Of course it’s gonna happen!

We will skip over options 1 & 2 because unless you have ten hands that you can write with or extremely deep pockets you are never going to produce content on the scale I’m talking about. I’m talking about a network of 1000+ Web 2s that need content all the time or at least every time you want to build a link.

Option 3 is by far the best way to go about building out content for you Web 2s.

I also use another piece of software called FCS Networker to manage and post to all of these web 2s that I build. If you want to build a Web 2 network this is another essential piece of software.

So I open SCM and navigate to the generate articles section.


Then I simply follow these steps to create my task

  • · Give the task a name so you remember what the hell it is later on
  • · Enter your keywords that you want SCM to scrape content for (just use 1 or 2 keywords here so your task is completed as fast as possible)
  • · Choose the spinner you use and the quality you want
  • · Enter your paragraph count, variations and the amount of articles you want generated
  • · Select your output template (FCS, GSA, Senuke etc.) or just have it create a plain article
  • · Next tab in the generate articles section is to choose the sites you want to scrape to generate your content. Choose as many as you like but again for speed I like to choose about 10 sites.
  • · Lastly choose if you want images and videos scraped based on your keywords and inserted into your content.

At this point you are pretty much done and ready to press go but there is a few tweaks we can make depending on the task we are running.

For my Web 2 content generation I am done at this point and hit the add task button. Happy Days!

Depending on the amount of articles you have selected to create and the paragraph variations etc this simple task could easily create enough content for thousands of my web 2s.

Here is a shot of the PA for a bunch of web 2s I own and have been built out with nothing other than content from SEO Content Machine.


And here is a sample article that I just generated with SCM and would happily lash onto my web 2s. Not perfect but this content indexes and that's all that matters to us at this point.


Remember when it comes to content for these web 2s that I am looking for unique content. Sure you will lose a few over time but you won’t lose them all that’s for certain.

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What SCM Will Not Do For You

SEO Content Machine will not build you content perfectly optimized for your chosen keywords.

With a tool like this you can’t expect to be able to go through the process above and then have a bunch of articles you can use on your money sites. If you know a tool that can do this please let me know and I’ll happily tell you that you are a liar 🙂 .

I read another review of SCM and the guy was actually disappointed that this was not the case. Idiot. A tool like this is designed for generating content that you will use for link building and forget about it the minute you have posted it wherever you needed it to go.

If you want to get on your high horse about the merits of link building and what Googles Webmaster guidelines are you definitely don’t want SCM but for us normal people looking to build links and rank shit, please continue 🙂

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With all of that said inside the software there is a section labeled Tier 1 Content creator. Now I said you can’t create money site content with SCM and that’s true but with a bit of work you can output articles good enough for a PBN site you own.

The tier 1 content creator lets you search for a term like we did before but this time SCM will provide you with a long list of snippets based on your keyword. Once you have the snippets results returned you can generate an article from them and make edits were needed. You could also spin it and then make edits till you’re happy with the result.

Not a perfect solution for your PBN content needs but if you are willing to put in the work you can use this section for creating some pretty decent content.

Tools & Services Integrated With SCM

  • · CopyScape

First off is the integration of Copyscape. Having this service in the dashboard when running software like SCM is a massive timesaver. All you have to do to find out if any article or even any spun version of the article is truly unique is click the little Copyscape button and bang you have a percentage right there for you to see.

Try Aim for 98% + uniqueness when producing articles for your campaigns. I always go for uniqueness over readable content because it indexes it google at a much better rate.

  • · Spinning Services

Like I mentioned earlier you will want a sub to a spinning service and all the major players are listed here for you to integrate. Use Spinrewriter though and don’t bother with the rest. A yearly sub and the best quality for the price you will pay.

  • · Templates For All The Major Link building Tools
  • · Google Suggest Scraper

This nice little tool does exactly what it sounds like it does. Scrape Google for terms related to your main keyword. Great when you have been scraping for the same term and want a list of similar keywords to vary the content you use in your campaigns.

Have an article that you would like translated into English? Great use this tool and be done in a second.

  • · Article Builder & Big Content Search

If you have a sub with either of these services you can import content and use it in your campaigns once you have spun, inserted images/videos or made any of the edits needed.

  • · Proxy Services

SCM does not strictly need proxies but if you scrape massive amounts of content then you might want to use proxies. Buy proxies are my favorite provider.

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SEO Content Machine Alternatives

There is a few options when you are in the market for a content generator.

I have heard Content Foundry is quite good but only really played with the software for a few days and that was about a year ago so can’t tell you that much about it today. It was a bit confusing to me at the time so in my opinion there is better alternatives.

The only other service I can make call on is Kontent Machine.

I was subscribed to Kontent Machine for about 6 months and while I did like the tool there was certain things that I couldn’t do so I cancelled and picked up SEO Content Machine.

In the battle of Kontent Machine vs SEO Content Machine there is a clear winner and I will tell you why.


1. Scrape Custom Domains

In SCM you have the ability to and your own custom sources to scrape and that folks is a game changer in my book. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in or what sort of content you are after because once you know the sites that are producing the content you need simply add that domain and choose to scrape that site whenever you are doing your next batch of articles. Great stuff.

2. Price

Kontent Machine $37 per month while SEO Content Machine is sitting pretty at $27 per month. There is also the $57 option of a quarterly subscription with SCM. You can’t argue with the price point. SCM wins hands down.

3. Updates

SCM is updated regularly most of the time its 2 or three times a week. I like knowing that they are on the ball when it comes to providing updates for their software. I know that if something needs fixing it won’t be more than a day or two till I have SCM fully updated and ready to rock.

4. Free Trial

Nothing really to say here other than a piece of software that truly believes it itself offers a free trial. SCM currently offers a free 3 day trial.

Wrapping up my SEO Content Machine Review

SCM is the content creator for serious SEO’s! If you want to build links like a boss and are not sure where the hell you are going to generate enough content to keep you going, stop worrying right now and go download the free trial of SCM today.

You have nothing to lose by trying SCM and I’m 100% certain you won’t be disappointed.

Let me know what you think once you have tried out the software.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about SEO Content Machine so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do Yourself A Favor & Go Check Out SCM Right Now!

The Only Content Creator You Will Ever Need For Your Link Building Campaigns

Tools & Resources Mentioned

Some of these links are affiliate links and I do get paid a commission if you use them. If you got value from the article feel free to use them as many times as you like 🙂

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