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First off, let's get one thing out of the way.

What qualifies me to write this Swipevault review?

As a current member I feel I am in the perfect position to write this review. I have been through many of the swipe kits [more on them later] inside Swipevault so know the exact type of content and value that the members have access too.

Quick Glance

Review of: Swipevault

Use: Internet Marketing Strategies





Love It

  • The dept of information available
  • Get swipekits created for your niche
  • Chris Luck & the team at Swipevault

Don't Love It

  • No option for different membership levels
  • No free trial currently on offer [take advantage of the 30 day refund if you get in and don't like what you see]


Chris Luck & the team at Swipevault have put together a massive collection of what is working right now online. If you want to see the key components of working strategies for some of the biggest names online there is no better place to do just that. Once you understand the strategies, there is no reason you can't put them to work for you and your business.

$99/month [30 day no questions asked refund policy]

So, let me ask you a couple of questions.

How many different products have you signed up for in the past month?

While I can safely say I haven’t picked up anything within the last month, in the past my cursor has hovered over the buy button on more than a few occasions and every time I had high hopes for what I was about to buy.

If like me, you are tired of reading sales letter after sales letter and are sick of the promises of financial freedom made to you on a daily basis then you owe it to yourself to continue reading this post.

I’ve one more question for you.

Do you realize the power of Swiping what’s working online today and then implementing it into your business?

If big hitters like Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and John Lee Dumas are currently using these tactics, please give me one good reason why if you and I use the same strategies within our businesses, we can’t produce epic results for ourselves.


I’m not stupid enough to think that we can produce the exact same results as Frank Kern, but I know we can get much better results than we are currently producing if we swipe the best strategies that he is using today and use it for ourselves.

Today I want to introduce you to a product that I firmly believe will help you to increase your businesses sales and leads.

It’s time to stop buying the new shiny product of the day from the likes of JVZoo.

It’s time to finally say goodbye to that shiny object syndrome that has held you back for so long.

Are you ready to give “SOS” the boot?

Great stuff, lets dig in.

What You Will Learn In Todays Post

  • Who created Swipevault
  • What Swipevault offer
  • How to get your own highly trained team of Swipevault Virtual Assistants
  • Main reasons I joined the site
  • The benefits you can look forward to if you become a member

The Founders of Swipevault & What They Offer 

Swipe vault has been put together by Chris luck and Gauher Chaudhry.

These guys are no mugs when it comes to making money online and have made millions of dollars over the last 20 years.

Chris is a magician when it comes to building, scaling and selling online businesses. In his last business, he had a portfolio of 13 membership sites before he decided to sell the company. Since 2007 he has generated over $25 million in revenue.

These guys know the exact strategies to generate millions of dollars online and I definitely want them in my corner when the bell rings.


Photo Credit: aiba.boxing via Compfight cc

They are the type of people you should be watching and learning from on a daily basis. The Bottom line, they know what they are doing when it comes to generating cash and their latest site, Swipevault, is no exception.

In a Nutshell

Swipe vault is a collection of swipe kits that Chris and his team of reverse engineers have put together.

These swipe kits contain the strategies that are working online right now. The strategies are broken down for us to consume and always include the actionable steps needed to replicate the strategy for ourselves.

We also have access to the team behind SwipeVault. You essentially have a team of highly trained Virtual Assistants, but much more on that later in the post.

Once you are inside a swipe kit and go through the material you will begin to understand the true power of Swipevault.

What Swipevault Is Currently Offering For Its Members

Inside Swipevault you get everything that’s working online today all under one roof.

The swipe kits go deep on topics & strategies like:

  • Designing your site for maximum conversions
  • Creating Perfect images for social sharing
  • List building tactics that the top bloggers are using right now
  • Traffic generation methods
  • Affiliate marketing tactics
  • Paid traffic secrets

I must stress that all of these kits include examples of the strategies currently working and have no outdated information included at all.

With these swipe kits I have access to the vital information that I need to put together strategies to grow my business starting today.

I recently went through the swipe kit that was all about Frank Kerns latest “funnel strategy”. Frank is now using a survey funnel method behind his latest squeeze page on Facebook.


In the swipe kit Chris breaks down the exact strategy that Frank has been using. All of the information you need to put this strategy into action is right there for you to consume.

The strategy seems easy enough to test out for yourself, but it’s the little details that Chris reveals that can make the difference between this campaign being an absolute winner or another dead rubber.

Why I joined Swipevault & recommend it to Internet Marketers of all levels

The reason I became a member was because I saw the undeniable power that lies in swiping what’s working online and using it for yourself.

I only became a member after watching a webinar that Chris did in the pre-launch phase of Swipevault.

The webinar I watched with Chris was brilliant. The value he shared throughout the webinar was top notch and I knew right then that if I became a member, I would be in good hands.

He must have put weeks of work into the webinar with all of the custom slides and animations he presented.

I left that webinar with some massive takeaways, a Swipevault membership and since then Chris has not disappointed me with his dedication for helping the average person succeed online.

I also joined Swipevault after hearing Chris talk about his commitment to the Swipevault project.


Even though Chris has been at the top of the Internet Marketing game for the last 10 years, the man is still as hungry as ever to provide value for his audience and help people achieve their dreams.

He has sold all of his other online businesses so he can focus 100% on Swipevault.

Lucky us 🙂

He had only recently started a new Podcast which he has since canned because he wants to solely focus on Swipevault.

These actions scream dedication to me and it just made my decision to join that much easier.

The resources Swipevault have

The other major reason I wanted to become a Swipevault member is because of the access that we have to what I like to think of as my team of virtual assistants.


Photo Credit: Esporte Clube Pelotas via Compfight cc

Being a one-man army, I would never have the time or the resources to find everything that’s working online right now.

Sure I keep an eye on my favourite bloggers, but they themselves are only one person and also have limitations.

Chris and his team of skilled reverse engineers spend thousands of dollars per month on tools that help them dissect any industry or business and reveal the key strategies that are currently killing it.

They are also a team of people working on a very specific project. I have to wear many hats in my business and spending every day swiping what’s working would be of no benefit to me.

As you can imagine I’d never have the time to implement what I learned if that’s all I did.

Get Swipe kits created for you

Do you work in a niche that ain’t that sexy?


Photo Credit: eschipul via Compfight cc

Do you find it hard to gather examples of strategies that are killing it for your competitors?

Yes, and yes again, great stuff it’s time to get your skilled team of VA’s to work for you.

To get a swipe kit created for you and your industry all you have to do is ask and Swipe vault will do the rest.

With the team and the tools, Swipevault quickly respond to requests from members to create very specific swipe kits.

The swipe kit will be tailored towards you but will also be available in the member’s section for others that may be interested in that industry.

With this feature, I can ditch some of the more expensive monthly fees I pay for software that I only use a handful of times each month.

Now when I need to know what’s working in an industry I’m not familiar with, all I have to do is just ask the team at swipe vault and wait for that kit to be created for me. Great stuff!

The Undoubted Advantages of Swiping What’s Working Online Today

I’m sure you have heard the phrase:

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel

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Well, the same goes for Internet marketing and building a business online.There are so many examples of successful businesses online these days, but before I met Swipevault I was unable to mirror many of the strategies that they used for a couple of reasons.

  • I had no access to the tools required to do the research
  • I also lacked the knowledge to extract the key concepts of each strategy.

Now with Swipevault you essentially get access to both.

You also get to watch one of the top marketers online go through the process of extracting the key concepts of a competitor’s current working strategy. Watching Chris go through each strategy in detail is a lesson for any marketer in how to do competitor research the “right way”.

I’ve picked up some valuable information when it comes to squeeze pages and what I need to pay attention to when creating my own.


Now more than ever, I am looking at the language that’s being used, the buttons on the page and paying close attention to whether it’s just video, text or a combination of both.

Regardless of the industry you are in, you must swipe what’s working from the leaders and then put your own spin on it. You have to take that high converting landing page you find in a swipe kit and take notes on the elements that make the page so effective.

Once you grasp why that page is working, it’s time to create your landing page and reap the benefits of both the Swipevault research along with your own.

On the fence about joining Swipevault? Don’t be

Getting involved with swipe vault when the membership site is still a baby has plenty of added bonuses.

By the way, Swipe vault might just be the smartest baby I have ever come across.


Photo Credit: the UMF via Compfight cc

If you get involved now you can really make a name for yourself in the community and start to build a network of like-minded individuals from day one.

The Mastermind

The mastermind that lives inside the Facebook group is a great place to ask questions and network with other members.

I know that you understand the benefits of being surrounded by like-minded people and that’s exactly what you get with Swipevaults mastermind.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

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Have you ever entered into communities in the past but still felt like an outsider?

This is a bullshit situation to be in and certainly not the way I want to be welcomed into a new community. There is no “inner circle” inside the Swipevault mastermind and everybody there is super helpful to all the other members.

Chris is extremely active within the mastermind and is always one of the first to welcome any new members to the community.

Try Swipevault Risk Free

If you are still reading this swipe vault review and still haven’t made your mind up whether you want to join or not, I can understand.**30-day money back**

Joining a membership site obviously has a price attached to it but considering swipe vault offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee I see no reason why you shouldn’t get in there today and make up your own mind about the site.

30 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy

Go check it out and for whatever reason you don’t like what’s going on just get your refund and move on.

If Not Swipevault- What Else Is Out There?

There is no shortage of information online these days.

Just take a look at this sweet Infographic I found.


Infographic Credit: data never sleeps

I’m sure you could go to sites in your industry to find what’s working today and maybe after a little digging you might find something useful, but there is only one place online that currently offers the quantity of swipe kits that Swipe vault has.

Chris has been collecting what’s working online for over 10 years. The amount of squeeze pages and sales pages he has analyzed and swiped for his “what’s working online today” folder is pretty crazy.

The man has a burning passion for teaching people how to grow their businesses and live the life of their dreams.

I also don’t know anywhere that is mixing a mastermind with swipe kits like Swipe vault are currently doing.

When you need to:​

  • research before you write an email sequence
  • come up with ideas for your pre-launch phase of your latest product
  • source & add highly shareable images to your blog posts

You will find all of that and so much more right inside your Swipevault members area.

It is going to be even harder to find somewhere identical to Swipevault because Chris is currently got patents pending on the whole concept of a site like swipe vault.

Interesting to see what sort of patents Chris secures but he did mention this in a recent webinar I watched.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it.

My Swipevault review complete.

I have told you why I joined as soon as I heard about it and have given you a few reasons why I think it’s definitely worth your attention.

If you can get in there, start swiping what’s working and take massive action, I have no doubt you will begin to see sharp growth in your business.

How could you possibly lose with your own team of highly trained virtual assistants, right :)?

Are you going to continue to purchase products every week in the hope that one of them is “the one” that will turn everything around for you?

If you do continue down that path you will find yourself in the exact same position this time next year.

Do you want to start down the path of proven success and start using the same exact strategies that Frank Kern and others are using to grow their businesses every day?

Get into Swipevault now and never look back!

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