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TheZupr Launches

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This is just a short post to announce that I have launched TheZupr and that I can’t wait to begin sharing what I’m currently working on in my business with you folks.

Why Launch TheZupr?

I have spent the last few years trying to figure out exactly what works online and how I can create the lifestyle I crave from working at home.

Throughout my journey so far, I have gained lots of experience working for myself and for clients. I have strategies that I want to share with you and if you follow my tutorials I have no doubt you will see real results within your business.

I am going to swipe what’s working online today and share it with you in the form of actionable “how to” tutorials and case studies.

While learning my trade online, I have also been bombarded, distracted, overwhelmed and annoyed by countless product launches and offers.

Now not every new product that comes along is a waste of time or something you should ignore but I’m pretty sure you will agree that there is a massive number of useless (putting it mildly) products released every day.

There are so many products on the market promising to increase your online income by 10x overnight that it’s just ridiculous at this point. This has been happening for years and some people have been making a killing from creating and selling what is essentially shit to the masses.

Everybody would love a product like the ones promised on a daily basis. A product that can multiply what you earn overnight by 10x!! But the truth is, a product like this is highly unlikely to be ever released.

I intend to cut through the hype that surrounds the daily product launches and provide you with honest and value driven reviews.

I will only review products that deserve space on your hard drive and are coming from creator’s of great products in the past. There are plenty of people that put out a few products a year and are always worthwhile investments.

When reviewing a product I will also try to recommend it to a certain group of people or at the very least, to people at a certain stage with their business when the product can really make a difference.

I will always try my best to establish if this latest product is exactly what you need in your business today. The reality is that the only thing you need to be worried about in your business is how you can take the next step forward each and every day.

It is vital to be learning new skills you can implement in your business today, tomorrow and this time next year. It is crucial to be always developing new strategies to increase sales and leads. The day you stop learning is the day your business is doomed. But learning and buying new products everyday are two completely different animals!

I have been distracted numerous times when a new product is released and lost weeks chasing some new method of making money online. Most of the time the new software released will only slow you down from the goal you are trying to achieve.

Focus is an essential trait to have when trying to build an online business.  It is so important to keep your head down and never be distracted from your project on hand.

Focus will define your success online.

Going Forward

I will be theming every month around a certain topic that will help you achieve real results online. I plan to cover topics like:

  • Listbuilding
  • How to build a blog
  • Conversion optimization
  • Website optimization
  • Web 2 Networks
  • PBN’s

along with many more important strategies to help you quit your day job and build a business you love.

Please share TheZupr with anybody you know who is interested in building something of value online. 

Looking forward to connecting in the near future.




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