Why WEB 2.0 Backlinks & Networks Are Vital For Link Building

Quick question, do you want to save money when it comes to link building? Of course, you do.

Building web 2.0 backlinks will help you do just that. They will also help your site rank, build trust and establish relevance for your chosen topic.

I definitely want more money in my pocket at the end of the month and I have the solution that will put more money in both of our pockets and not that of the greedy software providers out there. 

I can help you save hundreds of dollars per month by introducing you to web 2.0 link building tactics. It’s time to finally rest easy at night and stop waiting for Google to come and nuke that precious PBN you have been building for the last year.

With a high-powered network of the best web 2.0 sites for SEO, you can cut out the costs that come along with a massive PBN and invest that saved cash in other areas to expand your business online.

Web 2.0 Accounts are FREE

I’m sure you know already, but I wanted to make you aware that web 2.0 accounts are completely free to create and that my friend is great news for us. You can go right now to any web 2.0 site and sign up for free and BAM you have an account.


Being able to create an endless supply of accounts is brilliant. For you and me, it simply means an endless amount of sites that we can throw content at and create backlinks on.

Free is the holy grail for me when it comes to SEO. I spend upwards of $600 a month on the tools I use online and whenever I can save a dollar or two I’ll happily accept.

The accounts are free to create but if we want to build a pumper network of web 2.0 sites with high PA [page authority] of course that’s not going to be without some costs along the way.

One of those costs to building your network is content. Getting content is going to cost you, but at least you do have a couple of options.

You can go the route of getting content written for you by any of the thousands of writers on platforms like:

Once you have an article you could use Spin Rewriter to spin the article and generate unique versions of that article for you to post online.

We can also just go all out and use something like SEO Content Machine to generate hundreds of articles by scrapping sites online. Once we scrape the content we can spin them into hundreds of unique versions ready for us to post to our accounts.

Personally I like to use writers for certain accounts and then automate the content process for the vast majority of my accounts.

It really is up to you but with so many accounts in your network I’m pretty sure you will want to do something similar to myself.

No More Expensive Monthly Services

The bottom line is once you have content and a means to build links to these accounts to increase PA over time you are good to go.

Forget about domain fees and expensive hosting options which will cost you a fortune over the course of a year.


You can also eliminate other software like Register Compass that charge you a monthly fee and only sign up to that when you really need to add to your existing PBN.

I love the fact that to increase the PA of the sites in my network I only have one thing to do. All I have to do is build links to the URL and watch as it gains power over time.

With web 2.0 sites, we are not interested in building DA [domain authority] or trust as that has already done for us. All of the sites I use generally have a DA of 70+ so they are full of trust right out of the gate.

You just need to build the PA to pass massive link juice to our site.

Here is some of the High Domain Authority Web 2.0 Sites I use in my networks


The best way to do this is to use a tool like GSA Search Engine Ranker to blast links at the web 2s. Now not every web 2.0 site we use will survive the velocity of links that we are going to build to it but who cares because if they don’t we just delete it and move onto the next.

I'm building web 2.0 networks like a mad man!

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Remember they are essentially free so just keep building your network of the best web 2.0 sites for link building and you won’t blink an eye when you do lose accounts.

The answer is a big fat YES.


Not every web 2.0 will pass the same amount of juice but because you and I know the importance of not putting all our eggs in the same basket all is good.

We will be building so many accounts that we will naturally have a nice selection of different platforms in our networks.

We won’t have 1000 Blogger accounts and zero Tumblr accounts in our networks. We will have 1000 Blogger, 1000 Tumblr accounts and 1000 more of the best web 2.0 sites for backlinks as we can build in our massive pumper network.

There is platforms that only provide a no follow link so we do have to be aware of these, but a no follow is not always a bad thing to have in our networks so we won’t avoid these like the plague either.

[Below you can access the “web 2.0 sites for link building” cheat sheet that will reveal the best sites for maximum link juice]

If you mix up the platforms you use you will have no issues with creating a massive flow of juice towards any site you choose.

Establishing Relevance For Your Chosen Topic

We know that Google is just loving relevance these days and that the more we can create for our sites the better. Google is now relying heavily on relevance in their algorithm and we can pretty much guarantee that going forward this will only increase.


For us to create topical relevance for our sites all we have to do is theme the networks that we build around a certain topic. Don’t just go create a ton of accounts with content about Dog collars and then link to your site about the latest product launch in the Internet Marketing Niche.

Get your networks themed with content about affiliate marketing or internet marketing and then link to that review article you wrote.

Of course, all of the sites that link to another site will not be about the same topic but if we can establish relevance with the links we are building we are setting ourselves up for success.

Managing These Massive Networks

Now we know that we can build an unlimited number of web 2.0 accounts, establish relevance and link to our sites I’m sure you still have one burning question.

How do I manage all of these web 2.0 accounts?

Well managing these accounts is made a hell of a lot simpler when you enlist the help of a certain software on the market. There are 2 big players when it comes to managing Web 2 networks.

In the blue corner, you have Rankwyz and in the red corner you have FCS Networker. I have personally used the two of these services to manage my networks but I 100% have my favorite.

The two of them let you perform the same tasks:

  • Manage your accounts
  • Post to your network
  • Check status of your accounts

To name a few but there is one software that in my opinion wins hands down when it comes to the cost, UI [user interface] and posting success.

Below I reveal the tool that I 100% recommend you use for managing your networks. I use it and it will save you a ton of time when getting started with web 2.0 networks.
I'm also giving you the chance to get your hands on the cheat sheet that breaks down all of the major platforms you can post to from the software.

The cheat sheet shows you the sites that you can post to and create-

  • A do follow link
  • A no follow link
  • An embed of a YouTube video
  • [in my opinion] The best web 2.0 backlinks, video embeds with a do follow link also on the page

cheet sheat image


Wrapping up

So I told you why I love web 2.0 networks and why they are vital for link building campaigns.

The accounts are either free to create yourself or they are extremely cheap to buy. The best web 2.0 sites also pass massive amounts of link juice and with the help of my cheat sheet you will know exactly which platforms will pass the most.

Of course massive web 2.0 pumper networks are not the only type of links you will ever need, but they are a fantastic way to build yourself a relevant PBN to build links to your money sites.

Are you using web 2.0 networks in your link building campaigns?

If you are I Would love to hear how you are currently creating content for them and squeezing the most amount of juice from your links.

Let me know in the comments below and before you go please share these reasons why web 2.0 backlinks & networks are vital for any link building campaigns.


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  1. PromoSEO says:

    I could not see a discount code for new rankwyz customers so if anyone wants to receive some discount off the tool you can use PromoSEO on the discount code. I am also working closely on new tutorials so if anyone uses rankwyz regularly would love to catch up and bang heads on it.

    Great article Alan and will certainly bookmark your rss to read more from you matey. Ta

    • Alan says:

      Thanks man.

      If anybody wants to use Rankwyz go ahead but there is a much steeper learning curve than there is with FCS Networker.
      Support has also been an issue with Rankwyz which made me look eleswhere for managing my web 2.0 networks.

  2. Tamil arasan says:

    Passing link juice has become harder than even made us to rely on web 2.0 properties for contextual links.

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